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Goji Berries The beginnings 200 g

Goji Berries The beginnings 200 g

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Dried goji berries

In China and Tibet goji berries are also referred to as Chinese wolfberries, and have been part of the diet for over 5000 years.

Their taste slightly reminds of the mixture of cherry and cranberry, however goji berries have a unique, sweet and sour taste.

Eat one handful of goji berries a day. Add them to cocktails, granola, fruit, salads and desserts.

Store in a cool, dry place. Goji berries contain sulphur dioxide, which is a natural component.

100 g contains:

Energy value: 320 kcal/1424 kJ

Fat 1.8 g

       including: saturated fatty acids 0.23 g

Carbohydrates: 69.2 g

       including: sugars: 54.6 g

Protein: 14.1 g

Sodium: 0.47 g

Net weight: 200 g

Country of origin: China