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Dietary supplement - APPETIT-CONTROL FORTE, cubes, 12 pcs. 60g

Dietary supplement - APPETIT-CONTROL FORTE, cubes, 12 pcs. 60g

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APETIT-CONTROL FORTE - For weight control in the diet
This is a natural product without additives, which helps reduce appetite, maintains a sense of satiety and helps regulate weight.
Dietary fiber-shell psyllium seeds, contained in cubes, absorbing water increase in volume and thereby give a feeling of satiety.

When it is recommended to use Appetite-cottrol-chewing cubes:
In cases of increased appetite;
In cases of bloating and constipation;
Adults who eat less fiber are overweight, face constipation.

Food additive APETIT-CONTROL FORTE chewing cubes

Ingredients: sugar, plantago seed coat (Plantago ovata), glucose syrup, milk, oil, L-ascorbic acid.

In 3-d cubes, 4.5 mg. dietary fibers seed coat plantain (Plantagoovata), 90 mg. Vitamin C (112.5% ​​RDA).

Use Apetit-Kontrol from 3 to 6 chewable cubes per day between basic meals or instead of dinner,

NECESSARILY PREPARE WITH WATER STRAIN so that the fibers swell and fill the stomach, which will give a feeling of satiety. Cubes chew slowly. To use cubes at the first sense of hunger.
The maximum recommended daily dose is 6 dice.

Not recommended:
With individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Manufacturer: In the EU by order of Gastro Ltd.

Best befor: 2 years from the date of manufacture.