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Garcinia Forte Tabs 230mg, 80 tablets

Garcinia Forte Tabs 230mg, 80 tablets

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In 1 tablet: garcinia extract 100 mg, vitamin C 15 mg, chromium 6.0 μg, kelp, fucus.
Excipients: magnesium stearate, silicon, starch.

Form of issue
Capsules №40, Tablets №80.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The additive to food, which allows you to overcome the feeling of hunger, reduces appetite, prevents the formation of fats in the body. Its reception must be combined with the application of any diet, and periodic reception allows you to keep the weight you have reached. With physical activity, burning fat and losing excess weight is faster.
The main component is the Garcinia extract of Cambodia. The extract of this plant contains a unique in its properties hydroxyl-ammonium acid, which helps to reduce appetite due to the maintenance of a certain concentration of glucose in the blood - the brain receives a signal of saturation. In addition, it blocks the formation of triglycerides from carbohydrates that come with food.
Chromium picolinate also reduces appetite and suppresses cravings for carbohydrate foods. In the presence of chromium, the process of formation of insulin normalizes - the body correctly uses glucose and the blood sugar level is normalized. The intake of this trace element helps reduce the dose of hypoglycemic agents.
The combination of hydroxyl ammonium acid and chromium enhances the effect, as they jointly improve the metabolism, block the synthesis of fats. Accumulated fat deposits are actively burnt.
Normalization of the endocrine system is facilitated by a combination of the above components with seaweed - fucus and laminaria. Their active substances normalize the function of the thyroid gland, positively affect the cardiovascular system, stimulate the motility of the intestines, which improves the process of cleansing the body of toxins and ballast substances.
Vitamins B and C promote the normalization of metabolic processes, have antioxidant properties and positively influence the detoxic function of the liver.


Not studied.

Indications for use
Excess body weight.

the period of lactation.

Side effects
In rare cases with intolerance components Garcinia forte Evalar can cause allergic reactions in the form of skin itching, rash and edema of the eyelids.

Instructions for Garcinia Forte (Method and Dosage)
Tablets are taken orally, during meals. Adults - 2 tables. 2 times a day. During the intake of tablets, it is necessary to increase the daily intake of liquid.
Persons who are prone to fullness are recommended a 20-day course of admission, which is repeated periodically throughout the year. With obesity, to achieve results, the course of taking tablets may be 1.5 to 3 months.

When taking in recommended doses of cases, there was no overdose.


Not studied.

Storage conditions

At temperatures up to 25 ° C.
Shelf life - 2 years.

Reviews of Garcinia Forte
Revising the reviews of GarciniaFort Evalar, we can conclude that this dietary supplements helped many to suppress appetite, cope with the feeling of hunger and calmly treat the food. Garcinia Forte gives the result: taking this remedy, gradually losing weight, losing weight is not so fast, but the result is still there. An important factor is that this tool is safe and inexpensive. Long-term use does not lead to side effects. Users note that they took pills on the background of various diets, which, thanks to the drug, were easily transferred.
"Garcinia saved me 100 percent - I stopped eating sweets, I forgot about snacking cookies between meals"
"... I began to want to eat less, sometimes I forgot about food at all"
"I advise everyone who is hard to tolerate diets - there is no feeling of hunger, and after 18-00, you do not want to eat at all"
However, there are reviews about the ineffectiveness of the drug: "for two weeks of taking did not lose a kilogram", "there have not been any noticeable shifts after taking this remedy, and as a main means for losing weight it does not fit."
This can be explained by the fact that most drugs for weight loss are only auxiliaries that either reduce fat absorption, or suppress appetite. Weight gain is the result of inconsistency in energy intake and expenditure. To reduce weight, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the intake of calories from food and physical exertion.