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Mumiyo EVALAR Refined Altay Mumiyo, 20 tablets

Mumiyo EVALAR Refined Altay Mumiyo, 20 tablets

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Mumiyo EVALAR is the gold standard of the Altai mumiyo! This product is a 100% pure Altaic mumiyo, prepared according to the original technology making it possible to maximally preserve active ingredients: vitamins, amino acids and more than 30 micro- and macronutrients with high bioavailability.

Contributes to faster bone repair in case of injury.

Promotes the processes of regeneration (self-healing) of tissues.

Strengthens the body’s defenses.

Mumiyo EVALAR became a bestseller in Russia: #1 brand among dietary supplements with mumiyo.

Ingredients: Purified Mumiyo.
-Does not contain GMO
-For men
-For women
-No Gluten